> allow me to introduce myself _
Hi! I am Tom (or tom_on_design as you might know me), an industrial designer with a BSc in Product Design from Brunel University, and I'm an all-round design nerd with a love for learning
I have practical experience working with consultancies in the Netherlands (Sophisti and Studio Tast) and the UK bringing projects from concept to CAD to actual production (including one toy for Mattel which ended up being sold in Apple stores). Most recently I have spent two years as a Designer-in-Residence where I was able to experiment and explore, guide, and share my passion for sustainable, human and user centred design, as well as dipping in to the world of UX UI design. The main purpose of my role was to remove the disconnect between education and industry, and through avid and daily research into the ever-evolving world of design I was able to achieve this. Books, blogs, vlogs and pods; I did the lot, and let my nerdy enthusiasm for design trickle down to my students.
Despite no longer teaching I still have an insatiable desire to learn and improve. For the time being I'm freelancing and doing a lot of personal development, expanding upon my established skillset by completing online courses and through research into new areas of design (in particular, developing affinity for UX/UI design), regularly attending design webinars (although it used to be seminars), and have worked on multiple personal projects to hone these new skills. Watch this space closely; I have no intention of slowing down any time soon...
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